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What is Field target.?

Field Target is an outdoor air gun discipline originated by the National Air Rifle and Pistol Association in the United Kingdom in 1980, but gaining popularity worldwide.
Competitors aim to shoot the small “kill” zone that forms part of a larger metal faceplate. These face plates are…Read More

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The New BFTA European Champion 2016


Congratulations to Neil Hague.!

What success Neil Hague is having this year taking “The ETL Essex 50 Glassman trophy” on the
28th August 2016, winning the “BFTA Showdown Champion 2016” and now the cream title of “BFTA European Champion 2016“.
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Congratulation to Neil Hague for winning the Essex 50 Glass man trophy.!

and commiserations to Helen Carragher after loosing out on a shoot off with Neil Hague for first place.
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The ETL Essex 50
28th August 2016.

ETL GlassMan
It’s a 50 target competition for the prestigious Glass Man Trophy that is awarded every year to the top shot of the day. It will be shot to BFTA rules so scores will be sent in for grading. Trophies for…Read More


Portugal 2016 field target championship three day event saw one fella from wales take the title to add to many titles he’s won in his career, the not so Little Jack Harris.
Well done Jack.!

FT PCP World Champion 2016 

WCRead more.

East Devon 2016 R6

BFTA Grand Prix Round 7 Anston NEFTA 2016

Anston has always been one of those grounds I’ve always been comfortable with putting in good scores especially with I springer but this time for my first time id be using a PCP, easy I thought but how wrong was I…. Read More

East Devon 2016 R6

BFTA Grand Prix Round 6 East Devon SWEFTA 2016

East Devon and a round trip of 384 miles for us on this one with 3 ½ hours drive each way…..its going to be a long day and a very hot one with temperatures set to reachRead More



Far Coley Shooter POV Cam

Over the last year I’ve been experimenting with different action cams strapped to my rig to film the days events andRead More


BFTA Grand Prix Round 5 Far Coley MFTA

Far Coley in Little Haywood Stafford saw this years BFTA Grand Prix round 5 and I was looking forward to this one as id never been there before so didn’t knowRead More


BFTA Quarry WAFTA Grand Prix Round 4

Quarry Hunters saw the fifth round of the BFTA Grand Prix season.

The quarry had a lot to offer in the way of shooting positions, on the hill shooting down into the quarry or lower down the field in more sheltered calmer conditions shooting…Read More

Tawd Vale FT

BFTA Tawd Vale Grand Prix Round 3 NWFTA

Tawd Vale FT & ARC was the setting for this years BFTA Grand Prix Round 3 NWFTA, a place I personally needed to get even with after last years score due to yes…. the gun not me……Read More