FFTA Summer Series 2018

Inter-League 2

Due to how popular last years trial summer series went we are happy to announce this Summer Series 2018.!

This year we welcome Broadlands ARC into the summer series, so in total making 4 teams and 8 rounds. In addition to the normal team club battles this year has been proposed to spice things up a little with a 4 person randomly picked teams.


Entry £3.00
£2.00 to host club.£1.00 to Golden Bunny.
Golden Bunny only in first round.
2 Rounds. 1st Rnd PcP 2nd Rnd Piston/Open
Could clubs provide a score card for visitors
No grades are used.
BFTA number is not needed to compete.
Partners will be picked at briefing for first round.
4 person Random team selection will be for shooters taking part in 5 or more rounds of the league.
Could you let your club know who wants to be including so we can pick the teams.
2 highest scores to count towards the team score.
30 Target course
4x Standing + 2x kneeling targets
15mm HZ max distance 25yds
25mm HZ max distance 35yds

All visitors outside of the region contact
either Phil Hollis or David Clark before arrival. If a cancellation is needed or a ground change we will try and contact you as soon as possible via social media, Shooting The Breeze or text message.

Full scores, dates and directions are below.

Good luck to all teams, random teams ladies and chaps, have fun but most of all happy safe shooting.!

Club Day Date Start Time Ground
Hereward Saturday 24/03/2018 10:00am Yaxley
MidShires Saturday 14/04/2018 10:00am Home
Sywell Sunday 06/05/2018 10:00am Home
Broadlands Saturday 02/06/2018 11:00am Home
Hereward Saturday 23/06/2018 10:00am Brake Hill TBC
Midshires Saturday 21/07/2018 10:00am Home
Sywell Sunday 26/08/2018 10:00am Home
Broadlands Saturday 22/09/2018 11:00am Home

Note: Start time is when we start shooting so please arrive in good time for signing in and briefing.