NEFTA Winter League Dates 2018/19 and Results


These are the current winter league dates proposed for 2018/19 and can also be found on the NEFTA website.
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BFTA National Rolling Grade

Silhouette Grade

Winter League Main Team results

Winter League Individual-Main results

Round 1
14th October 2018
Guiseley FTC
Round 2
21st October 2018
Redferns FTC
Round 3
4th November 2018
Round 4
18th November 2018
Anston FTC
Round 5
02nd December 2018
Emley Moor FTC
Round 6
06th January 2019
Round 7
20th January 2019
Redferns FTC
Round 8
03rd February 2019
York FTC
Round 9
17th February 2019
Anston FTC
Round 10
03th March 2019
Round 11
17th March 2019
Emley Moor FTC
BFTA Championships and Inter Regionals
Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th April 2019
Blackbrook Country Sports (MFTA)

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