BFTA Grand Prix Round 2 Springfield ARC 2018


BFTA Grand Prix Round 2 Springfield ARC 2018

One of my favourite grounds this one which I’ve had some success in the past, a ground I’m familiar with and hopped to capitalise on although id thought.
The course looked similar to what I’ve seen before, not all long but a very well balanced mix of targets something for every grade, some in trees and under bushes in the shade were the wind blows.
Nice to see the ground back in all its greenery very lush.

I started on lane 3 a kneeling lane not a problem as I’m fairly good on kneeling until today missing my first shot in quite awhile. Not being fazed by the miss I get the second, not a great start but there’s plenty more to go. The next few lanes I’m oxoing missing for wind which I was totally under estimating its strength…how can you give that much wind on something I was feeling so little.? I think I was now around 8 down before I managed to clear a lane and those were two reducers.! This was the start for survival digging in deep I managed to clear the next 14 shots without loss, I was hoping now maybe I could actually hold and finish on 42 but I had the said field of doom to come 🙁 .
The field came with a standing lane which I managed to nail them both holding off hit zone for wind too that’s hard to do. The next lane was two long ones sitting inside the spinney boundary these I cleared too… 🙂 . My first miss in the field came on the next kneeler followed by another two lanes double dinking.!
I wanted to go home.
One of my shots the pellet landed on the edge of my scope at 50x mag, I think its time I started learning to turn it down.

Now I know I wasn’t happy on the day and who would be with that score.? and I didn’t think it was that noticeable until the next day when emails id received from my shooting buddies telling me to keep my chin up this happens to the best of us, thanks guys.

Although the course beat me up badly Springfield still remains on my favourite list.

Well done the Springfield crew.

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