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BFTA Grand Prix 2018 Events

Some of the top BFTA shoots have been announced so far….
Dates and Venues may change

BFTA Championship at Anston NEFTA Starts in…….

Summer grades Coming soon…

Event Date Venue Region
BFTA Championship 7th April Anston NEFTA
BFTA Inter-Regional 8th April Anston NEFTA
Grand Prix R1 22nd April Redfearn NEFTA
Grand Prix R2 13th May Springfield SEFTA
Grand Prix R3 27th May Rivington NWFTA
Grand Prix R4 10th June Nelson WAFTA
Grand Prix R5 1st July Bisley CSFTA
Grand Prix R6 15th July East Devon SWEFTA
Grand Prix R7 5th August Anston NEFTA
Grand Prix R8 19th August Far Coley MFTA
BFTA Masters 1st September Blaenau Gwen WAFTA
BFTA Showdown 2nd September Blaenau Gwen WAFTA
BFTA Europeans 15th/16th Sept Weston Park

Interested in taking part or just want to come along and watch a competition near you.?
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