BFTA Grand Prix Round 1 Redferns FTC 2018

Steve Chubb

The start of the British Field Target Grand Prix 2018 at Redferns FTC.

Now with the new grading system underway, not many shooters going up but mostly down and a few unhappy faces.
Time to move on and dig in deep as this ground I’d only visited once with very little knowledge of the ground so pure concentration was needed. The weather was I little windy a little overcast with sunny spells, game on.
The day ended for me not too bad after all, a few more targets would have been nice as usual but after seeing some of the top shooters scores it looks like this year is going to very interesting season indeed, a reasonable start for me.

AA Grade
1st Andy Calpin
2nd Mark Bassett
3rd Dan Eley

A Grade
1st Ian Shaw
2nd James Head
3rd Dylan Varney

B Grade
1st Keith Hassall
2nd Scott Hamilton
3rd Dave Robinson

C Grade
1st Simon Poulter
2nd Graham Fleeman
3rd Mike Seago

1st Brian Samson
2nd John Farbrother
3rd John Amos

1st Ian Challis
2nd Terry Lancaster
3rd Phil Glover

Silhouettes League 1
1st Neil Hague
2nd Jack Harris
3rd Justin Wood

Silhouettes League 2
1st David Robinson
2nd John Farbrother
3rd David Lawrenson

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