FFTA Winter League Results 2015/16


FFTA Winter League 2016 Presentation


Well the final day had come, presentation day held at the lovely ground Hereward Peterborough. The course was set out for a forty target shoot and very nicely done too.! I believe thanks goes to Tony Yerrell and Lea Hurst. The weather was a foggy start with light tricky changing winds…..nice, although I’m wondering if the fog was down to Lea Hurst.?

Hereward Lea Fog machine

The day did have its fair share of whistles at one point with one target being pulled due to malfunction but the Shoot ran smoothly shortly thereafter with many shooter finishing the day with high scores. Helen Carragher Finishing on 34 being the clear winner on the day, well done Helen top shooting.

Well done to all the other winners…

PCP Main Event

AA Grade
1St Nathan Reeve
2nd Red Gallagher
3rd Mark Johnson

A Grade
1St Colin Richardson
2nd Neil Hart
3rd Helen Carragher

B Grade
1St Lori Richardson
2nd David Elvin
3rd Lee Hurst

C Grade
1St John Lipinski
2nd Dave Mansfield
3rd John Garwood

Spring Gun Event
AA Grade
1St Mark Johnson
2nd Nathan Reeve

A Grade
1St Phil Hollis
2nd Neil Hart
3rd Roger Moy

B Grade
1St David Elvin
2nd Peter Cook
3rd Andy Pearson

C Grade
1St John Lipinski
2nd Dave Mansfield
3rd John Garwood

Champions of Champions Event
1St AA Mark Johnson
2nd A Phil Hollis
3rd A Neil Hart

Sporting Field Target Event
1St A David Clark
2nd B Alison Mansfield
3rd C Joe Adams

Team Event
1St Place team event was won by MidShires Marksmen.

FFTA WL Winners Medal 2016..
Full Winter League Results can be found here

Well done and Good luck also to those who got picked for this years inter-Regionals at Tondu in Wales.

I think i can say we all had a very enjoyable winter league 2015/16 and look forward to this years winter League 2016/2017.