CSFTA Winter league 2017/18 Dates & Results



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Winter League 2017/18 Results

These are the current winter league dates proposed for 2017/18 and can also be found on the CSFTA website.
If you would like more information on the dates below contact CSFTA.

Round 1
08th October 2017
Round 2
22nd October 2017
Round 3
19th November 2017
Round 4
3rd December 2017
North Oxon
Round 5
21st January 2018
Southampton Buccaneers
Round 6
25th February 2018
Southampton Buccaneers
BFTA Championships and Inter Regionals
Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th April 2018
Anston ( Near Sheffield).

Interested in taking part or just want to come along and watch a competition near you.?
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Happy Safe Shooting.