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FFTA Winter League Round 5 Colne Valley 2018

Happy New Year to you all.!!

Now 2018 Christmas out of the way and the flu well behind me I’m fit and ready for some serious FT competitions.

I started my year with a visit to Springfield ARC where they was holding round 5 of their SEFTA winter league, not being fully recovered but enough to need to get out. Here I managed a good performance 39/40 which really should have been a clear, never the less a very good start to the year but also the end to all my special batch of pellets.!

With the weather not being great the following days after getting out, to test a new batch of pellets was getting impossible. The Saturday before the Colne Valley event it was still raining but I went down to my club Midshires where we erected gazebos so we could check our equipment for the next day. I managed to shoot about 20 pellets and all seemed very good so I/we all called it a day.

Colne valleys weather forecast wasn’t looking good either with light rain predicted from 11-1 and then getting heavier for the rest of the day….Great. Still I was prepared I’d already sprayed two cans of waterproofing on my shooting jacket, one on my boots, and my hand warmer was full of lighter fluid.

Arriving at Colne Valley the temperature was around 1-2* and shortly after arriving it started snowing.! better than rain i thought and quite exciting too to be shooting my first competition in the snow.

My game didn’t start well with me missing my first reducer only to miss another in the next lane too.! Could this be the pellets i was thinking.? I hope not….

Well what can i say, my day didn’t pan out as I’d hoped finishing on 22/30 very poor missing 2x reducers (not heard of), 2x Under ranging, 2x gave too much wind 1x i think it caught twigs and the other one, well i put that down to lack of concentration.? The one on going good thing about my shooting is again another competition not missing any of my positionals, so maybe more practise is needed on the bag.?

Congratulations to following people Mark Johnson for his impressive score 29/30 winning main round, Nathan Reeve (who I predicted to be this years British Recoiling Champion) for his Piston round 25/30 in what I thought was tougher conditions second time around. David Clark winning open class with a score of 26/30.

Full results can be found here

PCP Piston Open
1st Mark Johnson Nathan Reeve David Clark
2nd Nathan Reeve Kathy Johnson
Phil Hollis
Andy Pearson
David Allibone
3rd Phil Hollis Jon Lipinski Marc Teame

The next round 6 will be held at Cromer on the 4th February 2018 with a 10 o’clock start Sharpe, briefing will be 9.45am.
Direction to Cromers ground can be found here

FFTA Winter League Round 3 Lea Valley 2017

Lea Valley Air Gun Club is situated on the outskirts of Hertford and is within easy reach of the major road networks. Directions

FFTA Round 3 was always going to be tough at Lea valley shooting in the bowls with the wind swirling around making reading the wind a nightmare as usual. For some they made it look so easy as they shot their way through the targets in the bowl and seem to do well every year so I’ve now noticed.

For me I have had two good rounds here in the past but this time it wasn’t to be. I started off with a good shot on target one but target two I made the very same mistake I made last Sunday at Springfield ARC round 3 SEFTA Winter League, I mistook number 5 as number 6 on my top turret so made me 8 clicks out hitting the target perfectly at 6 o’clock reading the wind well.
The next problem I had was target 5 after hitting it cleanly but not going down, a Marshall checked the target and said there was an obstruction stopping it falling over so was awarded the point. Later that day target 5 was pulled from the shoot after a lot of complaints…another point down.

I started to pick things up after the rubbish start looking like a good close win until I reached the bowl were I lost a lot of targets, 8 to be precise..! I finished the day with 19/30 after knocking off target 5 that got pulled which would have given me 20/30.

Anyhow the second round I did the Open for the first time but did all the positional’s as per normal, standing and kneeling and managed to score a nice 25/30. A good finish for the day…

Full results are below complete with not so good round.

FFTA Round 3 Results

The next FFTA round 4 is at Sywell Airgun Sports Club Northampton on the 10/12/2017 briefing 9:45 with a 10 o’clock start sharpe.