Paul James British Recoiling Championship 2016

Paul James

Paul James British Recoiling Championship 2016
Sunday 10th April 2016
Anston Field Target Club

Welcome to the Worlds Largest Recoiling Competition that is quickly becoming a must do event for all the top springer shooters and those looking for a fun day out shooting. The course has something to offer everyone regardless of level of your shooting and is a great to return from where the sport was born.

It’s also a time where we remember our good friend Paul James. Paul did a lot for the sport and his love for springers was legendary on the World circuit so it’s an honour to run this event in his name and help raise funds for The Prince Of Wales Hospice. So far we’ve raised a massive £6787.26 with your generosity, our sponsors and Paul’s family. Something to be very proud of, we’re sure you all agree, thank you.

Will 2016 be the first year the course gets cleared? It really doesn’t matter what your level you shoot at, this is one of the best shooting days on the calendar and is an absolute must.

The course is already being planned, the springers are out in anticipation and the online booking service is now open!

The competition to lift the trophy will be fierce this year judging by some of the Winter League scores that are going in and then there are the rest of us who will be making side bets between friends on who can get the highest score! Get involved and support the cause.



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