BFTA Grand Prix 1 CSFTA : Meon Valley

Grand Prix 1 CSFTA : Meon Valley

The eagerly awaited first round of the 2016 Grand Prix event started at Meon Valley but it didn’t start as smoothly as most would have liked.
Just days before the event was too start with the course set for the big day there was a problem, a double booking at the home ground.!! Luckily and somewhat impressively they had a second ground not too far away just down the road which looked amazing, oh what it would be to have a first ground that good. The parking was a little tight but with some sensible parking from most shooters all was well. The day went well with a very light shifting breeze which if you wasn’t concentrating would could and did catch you out. The day stayed very nice all-day with some great scores being put in, AA Grade shooters Ian Taylor, Justin Wood and Jack Harris all finishing on 49 and fancy coming third on 49.!!! would be my luck too…unlucky Jack. A graders came in with similar high scores 1st Yoeri Busse 45, 2nd James Head 45, 3rd Nigel Leeming 45, grades B and C doing just as good with B Grade 1St Joshua Vaughan 42, 2nd John Martin 41, 3rd Nick Walton 39
C Grade 1St Tony Elderfield 35,2nd Phil Green 34, 3rd Peter Staddon 32

And not to forget the Springer’s, my mate Phil Hollis 😉 coming in to win with an impressive start to the season with 1st on 42… well done Phil.! 2nd Brian Samson 41 and Steve Privett 39.

1st Barry McGraw 43, 2nd Tony Fouracres 42 and 3rd Barry Smith 42.

1St Ian Taylor 19, 2nd Yoeri Busse 19 and again 3rd Jack Harris 19.

The full scores can be found here

Its been a great start to the GP season with some top shooting and a great course set out by the Meon valley lads and lasses well done to all involved.
For those who took part but didn’t win here’s what you could have won….maybe next time.
Grand Prix 2016 Medal

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Paul James British Recoiling Champion 2016

Well what can I say…. This event just gets better and better.!

In my diary and I’m sure for many others this is my most looked forward to event of the year, Paul James British Recoiling Championship.

A real mixed event of Springer’s, Fun, Banter, British Championship and not for getting and most importantly a coming together to remember a fallen fellow shooter Paul James.

Just giving page still open here

The Day started with heavy fog which delayed the start time for the AM session. Once the fog had cleared the start commenced with a lovely sound of cocking levers and boing and a few odd selected words. The course was tough with many reducers in each lane, high, low, long and short shots a great mix. The wind was also catching a lot of people out as it was just a fine wind where most would think more into it than there really was. The day was perfect, the weather was just right, not too hot and not too cold, as for whistles I simply don’t remember any.?

The day finished with one outright winner on 34/40.
The New British Recoiling Champion 2016
Simon Higgins Well done!

Paul James 2016 results

Here’s a springer view of Steve Privett’s round.