Paul James British Recoiling Champion 2016


Well what can I say…. This event just gets better and better.!

In my diary and I’m sure for many others this is my most looked forward to event of the year, Paul James British Recoiling Championship.

A real mixed event of Springer’s, Fun, Banter, British Championship and not for getting and most importantly a coming together to remember a fallen fellow shooter Paul James.

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The Day started with heavy fog which delayed the start time for the AM session. Once the fog had cleared the start commenced with a lovely sound of cocking levers and boing and a few odd selected words. The course was tough with many reducers in each lane, high, low, long and short shots a great mix. The wind was also catching a lot of people out as it was just a fine wind where most would think more into it than there really was. The day was perfect, the weather was just right, not too hot and not too cold, as for whistles I simply don’t remember any.?

The day finished with one outright winner on 34/40.
The New British Recoiling Champion 2016
Simon Higgins Well done!

Paul James 2016 results

Here’s a springer view of Steve Privett’s round.

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