BFTA Grand Prix Round 7 Anston NEFTA 2016

GP7 Anston 2016

Anston held the final round of the BFTA Grand Prix 2016 series.

Anston has always been one of those grounds I’ve always been comfortable with putting in good scores especially with I springer but this time for my first time id be using a PCP, easy I thought but how wrong was I….

Each time id been to Anston the course has been the same or very close to the same in under the tree wooded area but to my surprise we was to see more of Anstons ground than we’d ever seen before.

The course was set very well running out on the boundary of their ground shooting inwards into the trees but also shooting out into open land where the wind was doing very strange things. When I say strange I do mean strange, you could feel a very strong breeze on your face from the right and see the trees behind the target leaning towards the left but the pellet goes virtually straight!! Well for me I’d over heard two shooters saying the same thing and thought can I bring myself to aim centre in that wind.? Well my time had come after working my way around the course, I sat down felt the breeze from the right the trees behind leaning left, looking through the scope noticing shots just outside right kill. Ok what to do, the wind was quite strong how could I stay inside.? i’d made my mind up inside right edge, if I was to aim outside and it went straight i’d kick myself. It was one of those pulling with a prayer shot as I pulled on the trigger watching the target going down and that pellet going almost straight as id over heard. I don’t always rely on other peoples thoughts and say so but this shot was a combination of two peoples comments and reading the target.

The final round at Anston proved to be a very challenging course with the wind doing strange things and being strong at times. Even Jack Harris dropped a few that day, in fact dropped as many that day as he did all the GP rounds put together but this didn’t stop him winning the day and for the second year on the row making him this years BFTA Grand Prix 2016 PCP Champion.

Well done Jack.!

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