FFTA Winter League Round 7 Broadlands

The final round of the FFTA winter league 2017 held at Broadland Air Rifle Club situated between Norwich and Acle and within easily reached from Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Diss and North Walsham.

On arrival to the club the sun was shining and the wind was blowing and I mean it really was blowing. Today was going to be a very challenging day and I didn’t expect a very high score.

On the plinking I noticed shots going one side and then the other at 55Yds I wondered if the wind from the right was bouncing back from the bank on the left swirling rather than switching direction. Getting my head around this I had a starting plan for the course and my start lane 5 with partner for the day Jacob Kay a very promising young lad from the Broadlands camp.

The course I believe was designed by David Elvin and set out by himself and the Broadlands team, thank you all a very nice testing course.

I started the match off well taking target 9 down quiet a longish one the distance I can’t remember and then followed by target 10. Moving onto lane 6 which was probably the best lane of the day from me taking target 11 and then target 12 which I made around 51 yards with such a wind blowing I was very pleased to see it go down, (its in the video below) a very nice shot. I was starting to think this could be my day as most of the targets where going down for me and in this wind too.!

It wasn’t too long before I started missing all the silly easy ones but still finished with a respectable 23/30 on the day, but yet again…
Simon Ayres from Broadlands somehow lands a 28/30 to take the day !. Well done Simon I don’t knowhow you do it.?

The final scores are being held back for the presentation shoot day at Hereward 09.30am
19th March 2017 and as soon as they are released we will post them up here.

For direction to Hereward can be found here

Winter League Results

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Below is a short clip of the Broadlands shoot before my batteries went flat.

FFTA Winter League Round 6 Colne Valley

Colne Valley is one of those grounds that I just can’t get to grips with…

Colne Valley is situated at Berwyck Hall, Court Bures Road, White Colne CO6 2QB.
On arrival the conditions looked very promising with no rain forecast, light winds and it was sun shining! what more could we ask for.

Briefing was held at 10.00 o’clock sharp with a reminder from Roger Moy that the next round 7 at Broadlands will be held on the 26th February and not the published 25th which would have fallen on a Saturday.

Shooting starts with me, David Clark and Joe Adams on lane 15 targets 29 and 30 two long ones in the dreaded open stretch, but with the wind coming in from the left instead of the normal right. I kicked off as per norm taking down the first two nervous targets 29 & 30 soon followed by David and Joe. The whistle soon went thereafter on target 27 twice with two different shooters complaining they had hit it clearly but wasn’t given it, Could this be one of those day I thought.?

We then had a long walk to lane one whilst talking about the wind and the two targets we’d just hit feeling very pleased with ourselves. Lane one I managed one out of two then moving onto the standing lane, time to put my newly acquired shooting jacket to the test. I was so nervous on these two as I didn’t want to miss them for everyone then to rip the P*** out of me all the way round the course. Glade to say I got them both, such a relief, money well spent. 🙂 .
Moving onto lane 4 this is where my problems start, I take target 7 and then on for target 8 the 15mm reducer under an arched tree branch on the floor. I take the range and put in the elevation clicks and hold steady, rock steady then take the shot watching the pellet strike the back plate but the target not going over. To my surprise as I take my eye from the scope I say “has that gone down.?” knowing it hadn’t but in my mind should have. My partner says no so I take a big fat 0 on my card like a gentleman I am. After watching the video back (below) maybe I should have called it, what’s your thoughts?

This was the turning point in the day for me as I then start missing silly shots and the ones I do hit knock down very slowly to slowly for me and a few other shooter option’s on the day. Still a good fun day was had again with weather playing ball for a change and another congratulations to Simon Ayres for only missing one target on the day being his first shot, well done Simon. A few good shooters were caught out with the wind and had plenty to talk about on the journey home.

Thank you to Richard and his team at Colne Valley for laying on a good course and we look forward to the next one were I can get even.

The next round is to be held at Broadland Air Rifle club on the 26th February 2017 with a 10.00 o’clock kick-off. Directions can be found here and Sat-nav coordinates 52.63525, 1.43461

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