FFTA Winter League Round 1 2017/18 Hereward FT & ARC

Hereward 19-03-2017

Here we go again the FFTA Winter league kick’s off at Hereward FT & ARC Yaxley Peterbourgh.

Hereward is one of my favourite grounds but not the section we were about to shoot today. Last years presentation was shot on the same section with similar winds which I didn’t get to grips with so I wasn’t looking forward to this at all.

For the first time in FFTA Winter League we were pulling names out of the hat for shooting partners and lane starts something I’ve been after doing for sometime. Nice way to get to know some new or old friends better I think… I was drawn with Frank and Soren Skulteti grandfather and grandson from my club (MidShires) so not new but still great shooting partners. We started on lane eight I believe a kneeling lane…great. First on was me very nervous start but a nice pair down to start moving onto the next lane a standing lane of which I managed one, a fair start I thought considering how nervous I was. I carried on putting what I thought was a fair score and was very happy with it when I found out Nathan Reeves scored the same as I with 23/30 being the highest so far handed in. Until Colin Richardson calmly walked in handing in a card with 27/30 on, well done.!

1st Colin Richardson 27/30
2nd David Elvin 25/30
3rd Andy Pearson 23/30
Nathan Reeve 23/30
Simon Martin 23/30

Now the reason why I couldn’t settle and was so nervous though the shoot was due to grades, yes grades. Now grades have never bothered me much before it was always what it was, I went for the days shoot and that was that, but now its different. My grades though the summer season Grand Prix’s have got better and better and I’m so close to tipping into AA grade with a 84.14% just a few more shoots to drop some 66% & 69% and I’m there. Something i think we would all like to achieve as some point in our shooting career, but if being nervous turning up to every shoot is down to grade i’d rather just stay in A, lets see what happen at the next round.

Next round 2 is at MidShires on the 5th November 2017 9:45
briefing with 10:00 start. Directions

If shooters from other regions wish to shoot please contact
David Clark (Competition Manager) check availability.

Video below of my round with gun cams.

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