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Essex 50 Glass man 2017 Winners and Results

Essex 50 Glass man Trophy held at East Tilbury and Linford Field Target Club, ETL for short.

Club information can be found here.

The morning started a little cold but soon warmed up to give a lovely days shooting. There was a very small amount of wind but enough to aim off target zone. It was expected due to the conditions there was going to be a lot of high scoring if not a clear round. The clear round didn’t happen but high scores were put in but only one shooter came out on top clear of the pack and that was our Nathan Reeve, Well done Nathan second big win of the year also winning the show down a few week earlier.

Well done to all the other winners in their classes, full results can be found below along with a video supplied by Andy Mason Films.

Pos AA Grade
1 Nathan Reeve 47
2 Neil Hague 46
3 Reg Gallagher 46
4 Steve Carter 45
5 Dave Croucher 42
6 Simon Pattle 42
7 Keith Allen 41
8 John Chopping 40

Pos A Grade
1 Richard Osbourne 44
2 Andy Shead 42
3 David Elvin 41
4 Helen Carragher 41
5 Andy Pearson 40
6 Nat Shead 40
7 Peter J Edwards 40
8 Dave Purcell 39
9 Barry McDonald 38
10 Andy Mason 38
11 Colin Eaton 38
12 Gary Keogh 38
13 Graham Jopson 37
14 Jacob Kay 37
15 Phil Lawrence 33

Pos B Grade
1 Neil Dibben 42
2 Martin Calpin 41
3 Dave O’Connor 38
4 John Kearey 38
5 Phil Green 37
6 John Walker 36
7 Leann Mason 36
8 John Lloyd 35
9 Peter T Edwards 34
10 Paul Gallagher 33
11 Harry Farrow 33
12 Peter Stickings 32
13 Andy Kettlety 31
14 Alison Mansfield 30

Pos C Grade
1 Adrian Coe 35
2 Gordon Eley 33
3 Paul Ross 30
4 Trevor Townsend 27
5 Dave Mansfield 27
6 John New 24
7 Tony Sultana 21

FFTA Winter League Round 5 Cromer Air Rifle Club

This winter league 2016/17 has so far been a very wet one for us in the Fenlands region and round 5 at Cromer Air Rifle Club was no exception with sleet on arrival but easing off shortly after kick off.

The winds were light from around 5-10mph so making it enough at times to come outside the kill but overall one of the most calmest days I’ve so far experienced at Cromer’s ground. Although the rain and sleet had stopped we was greeted with the second wave of water droplets hanging in the trees, nice.

The course looked very reasonable with a good mix of short, long and high shots with the famous crab as the golden bunny and including the two rat 15mm reducers at close range which I’ve seen catch many a good shooter out.

Me and my partner David Clark started out on lane 11 and we soon found our way through the targets until I came onto the kneeling lane which I normally don’t have a problem with but yep you guessed it double dink.! that’s a first for me. Well not to make excuses but that did upset me a little as they were for the taking and so I proceeded to miss the next target No 9 in the next lane. Target 10 being my lucky number I most always get and I did moving on to lane 6. Now we have been shooting left to right in all our lanes from lane 11 until we come to this lane 6, yes I did I shot the wrong Bloody target No 12 first.!so I had to shoot it again which I did another point lost. Continuing on I lost a few more finishing on the standing lane taking just one of two making me an overall poor score 21. Really it should have been 24 for me but hey ho that’s the name of the game,however unless your name is Simon Ayres who cleared the course going home with nothing to talk about… 🙂

Well done Simon.! and Congratulations to you and Nathan Reeve for making the England team this years Worlds in Wales 2017.

Winter League results

If you would like to know more in Field Target and be frustrated just like me, contact us below.

Next event is on the 5th February 2017 at Colne Valley Round 6.
Direction to Colne Valley club.