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BFTA Grand Prix Round 7 Sywell FFTA 2017

Sywell Airgun Sports Club based in Northampton Shooting Ground on the A43 Northampton NN6 9TE, UK Map.

This ground is part of our FFTA Winter league circuit and can be mostly a bloody nightmare course due to the Sywell winds but on some very slim occasions it just lets you shoot well, would todays Grand Prix one of those days.?

The course was set out in three sections, the Open, Garden and bank of doom section each having their own individual wind movements but having some knowledge I thought this might help me later.

My first job of the day was to Marshall the Bank of Doom which are the backs of the live rim fire back stops and often catch many a good shooter out. I sat at the drinks station just behind lane 20 T39 & T40 with my video camera and to my surprise how many shooter missed one or both the relatively close targets, it was the wind you know the Sywell wind.
I was hoping for a smooth day of marshalling like we all do when we’re in that position but unfortunately for me is wasn’t very long before I had to put my lips to the whistle. I can’t remember which target is was now I think maybe target 42 was called the shooter states he’d hit it but not gone down, target checker in hand I proceed to check the target knowing I’ve not got to make any decisions as I have the target checker to do this for me. Well who didn’t check the target checker.? it didn’t bloody work can you believe it, just as well we had more than one on site. Target changed as one of the bolts being slightly too tight, game back on and fingers crossed no more failing targets.

When It came to the afternoon round the wind had increased just slightly to around the 10-12mph as predicted so not much different from the AM session. I started on the first lane in the Garden a standing lane great… I managed to get the first but missed the next which I was kind of happy with missing as nerves played a part in the first lane as they always do. I then start well knocking down all in the garden by another two making me three down. The bank of doom I missed a further three making me six down, I’m happy until the open section where I really though I’d do well due to my own club being in an open field. Wrong I went on to drop another five missing mostly the long ones in that section sad to say but I did mange to get the two up on the bank which I thought were the ones to give me problems.

Although I’m gutted I dropped so many in the open area to finish on a 39/50 was respectable but I can’t help thinking I should have done better on a home ground.

The next and this years final Grand Prix Round 8 at Emley Moor 20th August 2017 and grade presentation. Directions

BFTA Grand Prix Round 6 Castle MFTA

Castle Field Target Club based in Watnall, north of Nottingham.


It was my first ever visit to Castle so I didn’t know what to expect apart from the google maps aerial view I’d looked at earlier. On arrival my first impressions was with its big front doors this really is a Castle for sure and I was going in. The grounds are based in heavy woods quite compact on width but long, this reminded me in away of Cromer’s ground, I guess its cos they both use the track through the ground to shot both sides being quite tight at times. The course which the lads of Castle set out looked a good mix of ranges, not all long for a change but it still had its fair share of tough targets high up in trees and long ones etc.
The weather was looking good for AM and PM rounds with winds being about even for both sets of shooters, the worst of the wind was up the front of the course lanes 1 to 6 and the last lanes 23 to 25. The silhouettes were up front which also caught the wind but didn’t stop me knocking down the first set of Chickens and Pigs until i got to the Turkeys were the wheels fell off in the end scoring 16/20 not too bad I thought and not a bad bit of camera footage if only I’d removed the lens cap.! Wally.!!

I started on lane 22 were I missed the first target 43 due to not giving enough wind and going by my second decision, I should had gone with my first. I managed to get the next target 44 and it was then I’d realised I’d left the lens cap on one of my camera’s. There was a few whistles being blown in the afternoon session and we finished quite late but this was ok cos I’d smashed my personal best for a new one 45/50 I was well pleased and also our team Lady & the Tramps won the day League 2 event. 🙂

Full GP Results…

My personal best round can be seen below along with some of the AM session lads in action.

Next round 7 will be held at Sywell with the what’s know as the bank of doom 6 August 2017. Good Luck all and Happy Save Shooting.!

Direction to Sywell Air Rifle Club