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For those who have a BFTA number and shoot regional and national events get graded based upon on how well they shoot on the day. The highest score on the day gets the 100% and all other scores lower are based on the highest score, eg: 27/30 highest score being 100% 26/30 being 96.30% and so on.

With this free Excel spreadsheet you will be able to hold all your shooting history, whether its been a graded event or not only selecting Graded events from your history for the rolling sixteen.

Below is the History table, enter all your data here first then at the bottom left is a Tab called Rolling Sixteen, click this to show the orange page.


This is your rolling Sixteen table.

Click and Select the date box. A drop down arrow will appear with all your shoots you have already entered from the Main History sheet. Select the date and the information will appear.

Rolling Sixteen

The rolling sixteen spreadsheet works out your Grade plus percentage and will display these once all sixteen events have been entered. When you come round for your seventeenth entry simple select the oldest and replace. The oldest event will still remain in your History page for future reference.


You can download the free file here.

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