BFTA PCP Championship 2016


BFTA Championship 2016

The first BFTA event of the year to kick start the BFTA season was held at Tondu FTC for a two day event.

Saturday 2nd April 2016 saw the BFTA PCP Championship while on the Sunday 3rd April 2016 saw the Inter-Regional Champions events where all regions from up and down the country took part to try to become this years Inter-Regional Champions.
The Saturday started with light rain and a cool 10 degrees which we didn’t mind and decided to favour warmer clothes and take off if needed. We signed in and made our way up quiet a steep walk to the 1st lane where we was greeted a by Chrono and a positional, yes standing !… just as well there was a queue.

Shooting started by missing the first standing shot and getting the second. The second lane was across the valley which were got and soon settled in getting just a bit better than average until the sun came out. Suddenly for me it went from winter setting to summer in just the time it took for my partner to take his shots. I found my shots going at least an inch high, was this the scope over ranging.? was it the thermals off the sides of the valley banks.?  probably a bit of both….  i started taking click off but just couldn’t take enough off, each shot i took fell top edge and soon id lost another 6 targets.  It was a tough course as it was meant to be as this was for the Championship of PCP. For one guy this didn’t seem to be a problem as Justin Wood took the title scoring  37/40. Full scores can be found here

Well done Justin you are now in our Hall of Fame

2016 BFTA British Champion

Justin Wood BFTA 2016 Champion

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