Bisley 2016 Grand Prix Round 2


Bisley 2016 Grand Prix Round 2…

Bisley home of the National Shooting Centre Brookwood Surrey where all bores can be found shooting to a very high standard.
This was the setting for Grand Prix 2 of the British Field Target Associations summer national league was to be held.

This GP was certainly different to most other GP’s due to there being more activity around with shooters doing different disciplines with much bigger bangs!, at one point I’m sure somebody was using a cannon.? at least it sounded like it….

The Field Target course was set in the woods mainly with the exception of a couple of lanes being in the open and sun. The AM and Pm sessions both went very smoothly with maybe just one whistle In the morning session I believe, the wind was there at times but mostly light with enough to keep you on your toes. The course was mainly long but conditions where ok making it achievable for most shooter of all grades, a good course. This however didn’t stop great scores being put in again this GP2 with Andy Calpin 48, Simon Higgins 48 and Dorian Falconer 48 only dropping two shots for a three way shoot off.

Top shots of the day where…

AA Grade
1st Andy Calpin 48
2nd Simon Higgins 48
3rd Dorian Falconer 48

A Grade
1st Dave Robinson 45
2nd Simon Pattle 45
3rd Mark Shepherd 43

B Grade
1st John Martin 38
2nd Andrew Barnes 38
3rd Steve Chubb 37

C Grade
1st Darren Hillier 35
2nd Phil Green 34
3rd Peter Staddon 31

1st Julian Head
2nd Barry McGraw3rd
3rd Ian Challis

1st John Amos 41
2nd Brian Samson 41
3rd Martin Owens 40

1st Dorian Falconer 20
2nd Ian Taylor 19
3rd Jack Harris 19

Next Grand Prix can be found here

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