BFTA Grand Prix Round 5 Far Coley MFTA


Far Coley in Little Haywood Stafford saw this years BFTA Grand Prix round 5 and I was looking forward to this one as id never been there before so didn’t know what to expect. On the journey up we was talking about shooting jackets and what benefits they give to an FT shooter and maybe considering on purchasing one. After a long discussion taking in all the for and against we decided maybe just to think about it a little longer.

We soon arrived at the ground set in very nice countryside and the sound of the burger van generator and wafting fried onions. First things first we book in and do the normal walk the course to find the burger van very close if not sat in lane 8 and silhouettes beside that, very congested but manageable I guess as long as I don’t start there when mass of shooters finished the am session queuing up for burgers while I’m shooting.

Lane 1 starts beside the pond with target 1 being a reducer in a tree and target 2 over the pond, quiet a bit of wind coming across here at times. Moving on around the pond passed lane 8 where we are now in the trees a little bit more sheltered from the wind but to watch out for all those openings, some nice placed target there. Walking to which I called the third part of the course into open field via a small bridge only to find Jack Harris wearing a shooting jacket.! me and my partner looked at each other and laughed as we was discussing just this on the way down. Anyway all looked ok in the open field apart from lane 25 target 49 and I heard someone say it looked like it was in the next postcode and they wasn’t far wrong it really did.!, but you know what it was only 46-47 yards how deceiving.

Jack Harris

Credit: James Osbourne

After some time chatting way we decided to walk back and get some food plus sort out equipment ready for plinking. Plinking didn’t reveal too much other than equipment was working ok so we put our guns away in the shade and stood chatting to fellow shooters just behind where Jack Harris was finishing his AM round only to find out this last two shots was for a clearance which he got with nerves of steel 50/50….well done Jack.! and welcome to the Hall of Fame.

Well after seeing jack clear the course it’s not so surprising two shooting jackets are now on their way to two hopeful just over middle-aged weighted shooters 😉 …. Oh and yes, I did start lane 8.!

Days final Results

If you’re using android then you may need to use this link here to watch the video

Grade Winners

1st Jack Harris 50
2nd James Osbourne 48
3rd Dan Eley 47
1st Sam Barr 42
2nd Dave Mitchell 41
3rd Keith Hassall 40
1st Joshua Vaughan 42
2nd David Gage 39
3rd Andy Watkins 38
1st Paul Gallagher 39
2nd David P-Starr 38
3rd George Heath 37
1st Stephen Privett 38
2nd Neil Thorneycroft 35
3rd John Amos 35
1st Ian Challis 43
2nd Jeremy Stamp 39
3rd Tony Fouracres 39

The next BFTA Grand Prix will be held at East Devon SWEFTA 17th July 2016…

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