FFTA Winter League Round 2 – 6th November 2016 MidShires Marksmen

MidShires Marksmen

The second round was held at Midshires Marksmen based in Sandy Bedfordshire.

The course planner was David Clark and set out by club members making this one of if not the best course we have seen at the club.

On the competition day the weather was not taking any prisoners with freezing gusting swirling winds and rain later to follow on in the Piston second round but despite the weather all clubs gave a good turnout and nice to see some new faces.

Fun was had by all even with the freezing conditions and myself even though I missed most of the targets. So a big thank you to all at Midshires for making this a great course and shoot.

Also well done to Nathan Reeve Cromer and Simon Ayers Broadlands for making the England 2017 Team next year in Wales.

FFTA Winter Leagues Latest Results

Looking forward to the next shoot at Lea Valley on the 27th November 2016 10.00am start. Direction can be found here.

Remember Happy Safe Shooting.

Interested in taking part or just want to come along and watch a competition near you.?
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