FFTA Winter League Round 6 Cromer FTC


An early start for this one, alarm set for 5:00am to leave the house at 5:30am and pickup my shooting partner David Clark, without an e.
2½ hours and 126 miles later we arrive at Cromer FTC at 8:50am. Cromer Weather

This was one I wasn’t looking forward to due to the weather not being its best the last few visits. According to the BBC weather app it wasn’t going to disappoint either with temperatures ranging between 2°-5° with winds of 21mph and gusts of 32mph.
Well it turned out quite different in the end, the wind wasn’t as strong as predicted and the gusts weren’t as strong either, to my relief but it was cold with snow showers at times.

My first main round I was partnered up with John Garwood and late arriving John Lipinski. We started on a standing lane which I managed the pair, good start. Moving on through the lanes not missing I thought this could be my day until the next standing lane. Now at this point I must say my standing shots have been solid not missing any in the last 4 rounds. So what happened.? Well I was on for the first of the pair only 17-20yds or so full target zone when I was distracted by someone putting their rifle down on the firing line and pulling the trigger missing at 3 o’clock.! I was so annoyed with myself for not blocking it out, keeping my calm I managed to get the longer one 37-40yds.

I managed to score 25/30 in the end missing only that one positional and four off the bag. The second round I paired up with David Clark without the “e” scoring 29/30 missing only one, a long kneeling shot which was very windy at the time of trigger release. All in all a very good day out in the end for me and David all made better for the wind staying calmer than predicted.

Looking forward to the next round which is at Sywell on the 11th February 9:45am briefing and with a 10:00 am start Sharp. Direction to the club can be found here

A short video of the day sorry, it was due to the snow coming, and me having to shoot and not wanting to ruin another camera to water.

Thank you to Cromer crew for setting out and taking down what ended up being a good days out shooting. Congratulations to all the winners in their groups below.

Full results FFTA Round 6 Cromer

PCP Piston Open
1st Colin Richardson Mark Johnson
Neil Hart
Andy Pearson
2nd Helen Carragher Phil Hollis David Clark
3rd Phil Hollis
Andy Pearson
John Haylett
Nathan Reeve
Lee Hurst
Helen Carragher

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