FFTA Winter League Round 7 Sywell 2018


This is one of the closest winter leagues I think we’ve had to date.

Three clubs going into this round at Sywell were in the running for the trophy with MidShires and Broadlands both on 38 points, Hereward not so far behind on 35 points. It was all to play for, all three teams needed to score well. Sywell didn’t disappoint with the wind machine in fact I think they ordered three of them.! With this wind I just knew scores would be low and some or a lot of luck was going to be needed to keep the grade up today.


I was paired up with Brian Lily whom id shot with before, very nice chap from Hereward. We started on lane 9 I think.? one long shot about 48yrds and the second a 25mm mini just after a standing lane thank god. I managed to get both to my surprise as the wind was just nuts.! Somehow as we went from lane to lane on the bank of doom i managed to stay just one down out of twelve.! My confidence was growing until we then entered the garden lane 1 double dink.! The garden is a killer when the wind blows it took five targets from me with another on our last lane a standing lane on the bank of doom. Total targets missed seven which when I looked at some other people scores wasn’t bad at all, I was very pleased thinking id done enough to share the win with myself and Roger Moy, a nice 100% on the grade as well but then Nathan Reeve came in with an amazing score 28/30 for Hereward.!
He used to be my friend 🙂

Final score at the end of the day was team Hereward winning on 90 hits followed by Broadlands on 83 hits with MidShires finishing on what was a poor 80 hits for them.
So it’s still all to play for as we move into the last and final round at Broadlands with Broadlands on top with 44 points, second MidShires with 43 points and finally Hereward with 42 points. This will be a final to remember and a game that’s not over until it’s over.

Winners list below and Full Results

PCP Piston Open
1st Nathan Reeve Kathy Johnson
Lee Hurst
Andy Pearson
2nd Andy Pearson
Roger Moy
Mark Johnson
David Elvin
Neil Hart
John Lipinski
David Clark
3rd Tony Yerrell
Tony Bradford
Peter Cook
Nathan Reeve David Allibone

We look forward to the next round which is
at Broadlands ARC (Directions) 9:45am briefing with 10:00 Sharp…Don’t be late John Lipinski.!

Remember as always Happy Safe Shooting.!

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