The New BFTA European Champion 2016


Congratulations to Neil Hague.!

What success Neil Hague is having this year taking The ETL Essex 50 Glassman trophyon the
28th August 2016, winning the “BFTA Showdown Champion 2016” and now the cream title of “BFTA European Champion 2016“, well done Neil well deserved top shooting and welcome to the Hall of Fame.

For the first time I got to say I personally think its been one of the occasions when both Am and Pm sessions where weather wise perfectly matched on both the two days shooting. The wind was very light changing whispery at times making it very hard to tell which side to favour if any. The course was long with many targets 48-55 yards with closer ones up high in trees catching what wind was or was not there, the rest were carefully tucked into deep shaded areas making range finding difficult. The two courses were very challenging catching many a top shooter off guard as the scores show but for those that got the grips of it…well that speaks for itself, but as a course goes for such a tall event I wouldn’t have expected anything easier.
The temperatures throughout the weekend although I didn’t measure them was around high teens in the shade and low twenties to mid twenties in the sun making it a very enjoyable weekends shooting.
Well done to the BFTA staff in stats and ladies whom made the cakes for all to eat and a big thanks to the Anston crew who set out the course.
Full scores can be found here and we look forward to next years event.

European Champion 2016 Neil Hague
European Champion 2016 Neil Hague

Well Done Neil.!

Video courteous Colin Eaton YouTube

Video courteous Andy Mason YouTube

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