Grand Prix Round 3 Blaenau Gwent Wales WAFTA 2017

Blaenau Gwent.

Blaenau Gwent what a course.!

I’ve been to many grounds now in my time but none match Blaenau Gwent for its assaults course line up of up and down hill shots. This was also one of the most mentally draining grand prix I’ve so far encountered with very light amounts of twitching winds coming in through the valley. A very enjoyable course and fantastic day was had, well done to the course setters for sure it must have taken massive effort placing those targets in such steep and dark places.

I started on lane 19 two long targets, target 37 in the what I call more open area which I managed to get. Target 38 was a little longer and in a much darker place tucked right deep under a tree and painted black. While ranging the target I couldn’t help but notice a string from another lane further down cutting across the kill zone from 10- 4 o’clock, I wasn’t sure if this was a reasonable reason for asking for the clock to stop and a Marshall to have sort out. I voiced my problem out to my shooting partners but me being me I just carried on thinking it will be ok. How wrong was I.? I missed by just a width of a pellet on the right-hand side and after watching my video back you can see the that I shot Clipping the string.!

A lesson learned, a target missed and partial percent dropped.
Never again.!

I want to thank you all that were involved again at Blaenau Gwent and a well done to Red Gallagher winning the day 49/50.

Full results can be found here

The next Grand Prix 4 CSFTA Bisley 11th June 2017

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