Grand Prix Round 4 Bisley


BFTA round 4 Bisley in Surry.

This ground last year punished me in the Grand prix, this year I was really hoping for more.
I’d put a lot of practice in lately with my Steyr especially my standing position so this year for the first time I thought I’d give the silhouettes ago.
Firstly the Chickens which I cleared to my surprise, then the Pigs which again I cleared 10/10 so far a very very good start from me. Next the dreaded turkeys I have good days and bad days with this rack and toady was a bad day after I missed not one, not two or three but the whole rack, the wheels came off. I finished on 14 after knocking down four of the rams, shame I didn’t get one or two of the turkeys…oh well I’m happy.

After a bite to eat I take a walk around the course expecting to see lots of long shots as per last year and I wasn’t disappointed. The wind was quiet lightly strong at times especially in the open areas making judgement tricky. In the woods the winds were switching from left to right and you really had to keep an eye on your wind indicator and choose your side, I got caught out a few times.
Again for the second time this year in the GP’s I’ve managed to nail all my standing shots, so a combination of shooting jacket and practice is really paying off for me…one happy bunny. I finished the course with a personal best 43/50 that put me into a shoot off for third place with David Robinson which somehow I managed to scrape through winning on standing, sorry David.
So all in all I had a very good day and what I would say to anyone with my little bit of knowledge is practice your standing as often as you can, you never know when a shoot off is around the corner.

Oh and I forgot to mention our team won the day in League 2 also Lady & The Tramps scoring me 43, David Clark, 41 PB also and Helen Carragher 40 making a % score of 258.3. Well done guys.!

Well done to Neil Hague also again for taking the day with a 48/50, it must be getting boring now not missing targets?
List of Grade winners below…

AA A B C Piston Open Team League 1 Team League 2
Neil Hague 48
Jonathon Crocker 40
Philip Green 37
John Amos 38
Tony Fouracres 42
Rowan 291.7
Lady & The Tramps 258.3

The next Grand Prix Round 5 is at Iceni which is
still open for booking.

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