Grand Prix Round 5 Iceni 2017


Iceni offers wonderful grounds for Field target shooting in various of different combinations, long or short.

The Club is based a couple of miles outside of Colchester Essex and are open every Sunday morning from 09:00.

I’d shot at Iceni before earlier in the year in one of their Winter league shoots of which I did fairly well so I looked forward to this GP round. As per normal I was booked into the PM session also known as the Mans round đŸ™‚ , on arrival the car park looked a little tight but easily sorted with the expert organisation from the club members…Well done.
After a quick peanut butter sandwich and a chat we signed in and took a walk around the course. The wind was at times quiet strong, but his soon almost disappeared to just a light breeze once inside the wood.
The course to me looked long, longer than I was expecting and my nerves started to set in as I carried on walking around the course. Target 24 looked a good one up a tower close and quite an angle also nice to see a standing lane next to a kneeling lane getting them out the way. All in all the course looked very good quite a good mix although mostly longish if that makes sense.? I was paired up with Andy Finnigan nice chap for the day, we had a good battle together all the way round some top shooting. I didn’t start off very well the nerves just didn’t settle quickly enough but I still managed to finish on a very good score for me and the team 42/50.

Look forward to the next round 6 at Castle a place I’ve not shot before so no heads up there for me.

AA A B C Piston Open Team League 1 Team League 2
Redvers Gallagher 48
Graham Jopson 44
Andrew Barnes 40
Philip Green 36
John Farbrother 37
Ian Challis 45
Rowan 291.7
Lady & The Tramps 260.4

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