FFTA Winter League Round 8 Broadlands 2018

Broadlands Round 8 2018(1)

Final round Broadlands ARC and it was all to play for, Broadlands with the advantage leading with one point and on home ground. MidShires Marksmen in second place with 43 points and Hereward FT & ARC with 42 points, this has been a very close winter league.

Conditions on the day was cold just below 0* with a light breeze to light gusty switching winds, which for me lost me a lot of points. The course master was David Elvin I believe and this year we used another part of the ground most of us had never seen before, containing two lanes one of which had two challenging standing targets set high in the trees….Nice one David.

Broadlands won the day with Hereward coming second and MidShires third making Broadlands the overall winners of the FFTA W/L 2018… Well Done.!
Also well done to Simon Ayers for winning the main round with a 28/30.

Full results

Pictures from the shoot can be seen below

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